What the BEEP? or how to desactivate UC sound

Published on 06 septembre 2013

I work on a old historical (as we say here) software, that actually runs on Windows Server 2003. I have a laptop so I’m not having any trouble with UC sound, however we have a few desktop computers that we used to connect to an integration environment. On those machines EACH TIME a pop up appears in the software the UC beeps.

It might not seem that annoying but almost every creation/edit in the software has a confirmation pop up…so you hear the beep…a lot! Adidng to that, I’m sitting next to the machines from hell, so even when I don’t use them and others do, I hear that f-*beep*-ing sound.

But fear not, because there is a really simple command to desactivate this. Beep is a Windows service and just like every other Windows services you can view and manipulate them via inline command:

net stop beep
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