Starting the blog

Published on 29 août 2013

Ok this is it: the first article on the blog! I thought that coming back on how to put up a coding blog in short time could be a good warm up.

Let’s set aside the hosting and Domain Name stuff and get directly into the site itself.

Content Management System (CMS), pick yours:

wordpress-logo Wordpress
drupal-logo Drupal

I chose WordPress, which is the most used CMS worldwide (see the figures here) for its simple Back Office and its numerous plugins. Talking about plugins/tools here are a few that I use and that come in handy:

  • Themes plugins: if you you don’t feel like an artist (just yet), there are LOTS of free WP themes available and customizable
  • Google analytics: the WordPress plugin doesn’t to work anymore, so the best way si to manually add GA code to your template header
  • AddThis: add share and follow buttons for social networks
  • WP Code Highlight: everything is in the name :p

Alright ready to code and share!

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