Javascript Rage Quit Cycle aka my own JS Fatigue

I'm a fullstack yes : I write DB, back end and front end code with Microsoft stack, so mostly C# ASP.NET MVC and SQL Server for the back end (and part of the front because I like Razor :) ).

First steps with Wyam

I recently watched a video of Chris Heilmann (IMO everyone creating stuff on the web should see it) talking about the state of Internet today.
One part of the talk is about page size and websites being "world widely" accessible, to all connexions. This made me reflect a bit on what I create on a daily basis as well as how I browse and share stuff. Adding this to the fact that I wanted for a while now to make this blog a static one...let's do this!

Angular 2 why is it better ? (webinar sum up)

This article is a recap of the webinar of